The science behind ageLOC

Your key to maximum wellbeing and radiance

Look into the future... Can you see it - your more youthful appearance? Your complexion looks smoother and more radiant. Your body feels more alive and looks firmer and more defined.

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We want to contribute to ensuring that this image of a beautiful and vital you does not remain a dream. That's why we offer you everything you need to defy the visible signs of aging with our innovative skin care and supplement products.

Innovative through collaboration

Scientific innovation has made Nu Skin a leader in the health and beauty industry. With our proprietary product formulas and technologies, we are setting new standards in the field of the causes of aging - our products are proven to provide real solutions for visible and noticeable results.

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Our commitment to research and development is particularly evident in the collaboration between our in-house team of scientists and leading research institutions. Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to develop innovative and pioneering skin care and supplement products. 


Nu Skin has added a new dimension to the latest findings on how to influence the visible signs of aging. In collaboration with the world's leading anti-aging researchers, Nu Skin scientists have identified key groups of genes, called aging-related supermarkers or "arSuperMarkers," that appear to influence how we age.

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With products that specifically target these causes of aging, Nu Skin's exclusive ageLOC science helps you look and feel young.

What makes us age

There is a great deal of information about the human genome available to the scientific community today, but it is Nu Skin's groundbreaking ageLOC science that allows us to interpret this information in a beneficial way. Nu Skin recently collaborated with experts in anti-aging and genetics to discover a key group of genes called youth gene clusters. Nu Skin believes that research into these functional gene clusters is of great importance in addressing the visible signs of aging at their root.

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Using results from clinical studies, genomic analysis and in-depth research, Nu Skin scientists have identified genes with common traits associated with youthfulness. The expression of these genes is responsible for the visible signs of aging on our skin.

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Back to youthful balance

Once the key groups of genes are identified, it's a matter of figuring out how their activity can lead to a more youthful skin profile. Rebalancing this profile is a subtle process that cannot simply turn all genes on or off. The activity of some skin markers may need to be dialed down or stimulated. With this in mind, Nu Skin's revolutionary ageLOC science creates new possibilities for younger-looking skin.